Hello! So Good To Have You Here!

So, you wanted to check me to out to see what I'm all about, right? That's fine with me and actually what you are supposed to do when you're trying to find someone to help you in your business.


You're looking for someone who has experience in business to share their knowledge with you, but also someone who is a Christ follower and knows how to run a business in a God honouring way.


Does any of the below sound like you....


You are tired of making mistakes alone and running your business without support

You do not feel worthy of your call to business

You've struggled to find a coach or mentor who gets both business and Bible 

You've never been taught or shown how a business should actually run so you're winging it

You have great ideas and a vision but you just don't know how to make it all happen

You've been feeling stuck, overwhelmed, unclear and unsure if this business life is even for you

You are ready to "do things properly" and to take your business seriously, you want to make money

You are ready to do what you need to, to make your business work and build solid foundations

You understand that it is going to take more than just prayer and faith to get the results you want


Am I close? Whichever one resonates with you I want you to know that I can help you fix it.

Who Am I?

Firstly, I am Soniamarie.  I am not the kind of person who defines themselves by what they do as that is not where my identity comes from. I wear a few hats - Business Coach, Mentor, Encourager, Catalyst, Supporter, Teacher, Leadership & People Management Expert, Consultant, Award winning entrepreneur, Business Owner. 


I have accumulated these titles over my 20 year career working in corporate world, in the UK and USA, supporting small business, starting my own businesses, coaching and mentoring leaders and business owners. 


I love business and I understand business because I have been in the head office boardrooms learning from those at the top, I have been in the trenches running my own business for the last decade so I get it. I have the education and qualifications but the real life experience has been my biggest teacher.  


I bring this ecclectic mix of experience and knowledge together to help business owners like you who realise that they need support from someone who is credible and not just an internet sensation or influencer. 

I Believe...

We are blessed to be a blessing


God is sovereign


Christians in business have a mandate to bring the Kingdom culture to the business world


Christian Entrepreneurs have a unique assignment to fulfill through business


Christians can run a real business that makes money


God has given us business vision and desires


Business requires faith, prayer and action


Everyone has the right to quality information and education in order to excel in business


Business is a vehicle of opportunity to serve, bless, impact and influence others.


It's possible to run a profitable business that honours God and doesn't compromise


Our gifts, talents and abilities are to serve others

My Core Values

Honesty | Integrity | Courage | Respect | Commitment | Education | Trust

My mission and mandate is to...


You to believe in the gifts, skills, talents and calling God has placed in you. I truly want you to be the best you can be in this world.


With the information you need to build your business on solid foundations.  I firmly believe that when you know better, you can do better. 


You to be confident, take ownership and to be intentional in building the business that is in line with your God-given vision and dreams.

Want My Help? I'm Here For You.

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