What Clients Have Said 


...every time she has given advice and I have implemented it, it has been so beneficial. She is extremely well connected and an all rounder when it comes to knowledge and it has proven so helpful for me and my business as well as other projects.


Afmena Events/ Homeschool Coach

“Coming up to a year in my business, I felt a bit confused with the services and branding, trying to do everything all at once. This is where Soniamarie came into full effect, in one conversation she provided me with her knowledge, effective guidance and support. 


Soniamarie supported me in re-thinking the purpose of my company, as well as how to scale back unrelated services to ensure I was focused. 


She is able to cut through your confusion very quickly and give doable suggestions that you can execute in your business.

Kelleigh Wooderson-Hudson,

Founder, Life Essence

Before I started working with Soniamarie, my strategy was scattered. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to achieve but needed more clarity.

The reason why I decided to work with Soniamarie is because she's real!  She's so passionate about helping others that she doesn't hold back on telling someone what they need to hear.  

As a result of my work with Soniamarie, I've got three new clients in one week. I'm much more focused on planning and splitting large tasks into smaller more achievable ones. I love mindset advice and Soniamarie has lots of knowledge around this area. "

Sonia Amin

Virtual Assistant

Soniamarie has helped me gain so much clarity and direction with my business. I do not know where my business would be without her!  The extensive knowledge and understanding which she has in relation to all aspects of business is amazing!


Make Money With Cassie

“Working with Soniamarie helped me to get an understanding of my duties as a business owner and most importantly how to implement policy in a scaleable way.  


For any other business owners who are considering whether to work with Soniamarie or not, my advice is to stop thinking about it and do it.  Also, as always, don’t make any investment that you aren’t willing to back up with your own time. If you’re willing to put in the effort, then Sonia is and together you’ll get the right outcome for your business. 

Henry Hilsdon

Director, Huntsmill Farm

“I’ve completed a mentoring session with Sonia which proved to be invaluable in helping me to progress with my business. She had helped me to clearly determine and evaluate key aims and purposes for my business setting me on track to fine tune my services and price points which was something I was struggling with. Sonia possesses a no nonsense approach but does so with such love and encouragement. I am so thankful for Soniamarie and look forward to more mentoring sessions with her in the future.”

Sheila Karim

Founder, Sheila Karim Events

Before spoke to Sonia, I was really struggling with who I was talking to and who I was trying to reach with my message. 

As a result of talking to Sonia she has absolutely helped me to nail my ideal client and my messaging."


Self Love Coach

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